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‘Inarguably gifted with imagination overload’ (Mojo)
Singer-songwriter, Cosmo Jarvis is shaping up to be the spokesperson for his age group.
I believe him to be one of the most potentially important and fascinating new artists around at the moment’ – (
The Guardian)

The single
‘She Doesn’t Mind’

Taken from the album
‘Is The World Strange Or
Am I Strange?’

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Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis is an American-born musician, songwriter, actor and filmmaker of Armenian descent.

At the age of 20 and via his own 25th Frame Productions/Shamrock Solutions label, he wrote, performed and self-released three double-albums as well as two short movies during a prolific creative period from 2009-2012, all to great acclaim.

Raised in Totnes, Devon, with an Armenian-American mother and English father, Jarvis has already written more than 300 songs that tackle weighty topics in a conversational style, treating the listener like a trusted friend. His music switches between acoustic ballads, rambunctious punk-folk, MOR rock and agitatedly introspective, scabrous rap, sometimes within a single song. These are all reasons why he should be accorded the status of a national treasure, but they also explain why he has yet to become a household name……




Several critically acclaimed performances in the recent Nick Rowland’s Calm With Horses movie,
William Oldroyd’s BAFTA nominated Lady McBeth and
Standout performance as the insane Barney in Peaky Blinders Series 5


Cosmo Jarvis Peaky Blinders Photo